White Whine 89

Taking a walk

I saw one fisher king don

Making some tentative plans

Making somebody be sad

Table downtown

Two yuppies talk to themselves

Hey mister marketing plans

Don't cheat your donor get mad


Boy you can make it

You can be the best at middle management

If you can see your way

To freedom from academic banishment


Cupid in park

Stole something thought it was ripe

Right plant life get it away

Back in my office again

Make it okay

Shuffle securities risks

Add figures battle sheet drawn

Why did I go for this pen?


Boy you can make it

You can be an enterprising so and so

If you sold Grit you're foolish it

Don't make no difference, no no


Maybe I'll take a look when no one is around

Maybe I'll try to save my soul from sale


Getting in cars stop payment

Debit account meet Raymond

What's it all mean

Fax dummies credit my world

Traveling dogs makes no sense

Coffee and stress I'm too tense

Gotta cool off

Maybe some fish and white wine


Gonna make it through

Gonna make it through


White Whine '89 off of Speaking of Biscuits

Copyright 2009 Suffering Fools