Raincross: Points Unknown

June 27, 2023:  The Star Trek fan film Raincross: Points Unknown, featuring "Back in the Game Again" by Suffering Fools, will premiere July 2, 2023, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.  Follow the link to view on YouTube.


Suffering Fools music in another short film

June 12, 2023:  The track "Back in the Game Again" from Sounds Important will be featured as source music in Raincross: Points Unknown, a Star Trek fan film from No Budget Productions/FilkFerret Productions, scheduled to premiere on July 2, 2023.  This is the first episode of a new series.  Subscribe to their channel to receive notifications.  Watch the prologue to the Raincross series here.


Another cartoon find!

September 20, 2021:  In another stunning victory for the principle of Never Throw Anything Away, the Fools have discovered a dusty old cassette recording of the lost six-part theme music from NBC's 1976-77 series The Think Pink Panther Laugh-and-a-Half Hour-and-a-Half Show.  This comes 11 years, almost to the day, after we uncovered the lost theme song from The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour.  Enjoy these newly-found toon tunes.



September 12, 2017:  Suffering Fools provided the atmospheric music score for this short Star Trek fan film, Nightmare by Vance Major.  Hope you enjoy it.


Suffering Fools provide music for short film

September 2, 2017:  Vance Major is a prolific creator of zero-budget amateur short films, many of which are Star Trek fan films.  One of his latest efforts is a two-minute Star Trek short called "Nightmare," which kicks off the third phase of his fan films and will premiere on YouTube on September 13, 2017.  An instrumental piece by Suffering Fools is used as the score, and we think it works pretty well.  We'll post another announcement when it premieres.


New remix of Star Trek Continues!

March 21, 2016:  We've recombined some elements from our 2014 song "Star Trek Continues" to create an "Indiegogo remix" in support of the current fundraising campaign by Star Trek Continues.  If you can, please help make new episodes of the greatest retro thing going.


A bit more recording...

February 27, 2016:  A brief session by Suffering Fools today, with a possible new song for the next album and some work on another project that may lead somewhere.  That's probably opaque enough.


Early Sherlock Holmes film recovered

November 7, 2015:  A classic film has resurfaced and Suffering Fools have made a tribute video.  William Gillette's seminal Sherlock Holmes (1916) was thought to be lost until a copy was found in a French archive last year.  This video combines clips from the film with audio recorded by Gillette in 1936.  The film is available on DVD and Blu-ray from Flicker Alley.


Session meets with ambiguous success

August 10, 2015:  Last week's recording session didn't result in new compositions, but did produce an interesting cover song that may show up on the next album after a little sprucing up.  Thanks for all your incorporeal assistance in whatever form.


Suffering Fools to start work on album of mystery

August 2, 2015:  Later in the week, Suffering Fools are expected to convene in their secret underground laboratory and start work on a new album whose nature is unknown even to them themselves.  How will it turn out?  When will they turn in?  What will it all turn into?  These Foolish questions should be answered, to nobody's full satisfaction, within half a fortnight.


Video: Don't You Forget My Comb

July 12, 2015:  As always, you loyal and long-Suffering Fools website visitors are rewarded by the first word on our latest news.  A new video from Sounds Important has arrived!  This time, our newest video is our oldest recording.  That's right, "Don't You Forget My Comb" is the first high-quality recording Suffering Fools ever attempted, testing out their then-state-of-the-art Yamaha MT-120S four-track recorder, which accounts for its somewhat sparse production and spotty musicianship.  It's a rockabilly-flavored kiss-off song that dates way back.  Some light percussion was added in 2012, making this the longest production time for a Suffering Fools track from start to finish.  So enjoy this glimpse into our sorta past, and if you do, please oblige us by purchasing our wares.


Work to begin on Album #3?

June 2, 2015:  We hope to have some news soon on the Album 3.0 front.  We've formed an exploratory committee.  Watch this space.


New song: Star Trek Continues!

December 17, 2014:  Okay, once in a while a fan-produced internet video series rears its head above the rest and becomes something truly special.  Star Trek Continues is an example of that phenomenon.  As a salute to this show, Suffering Fools have issued a new song, cleverly titled "Star Trek Continues."  Check out the video.


Suffering Fools now on Facebook?? Why?!?!?

November 6, 2014:  Why have Suffering Fools, against all reason and common sense, joined the most evil and notorious timesuck of our age?  Because, as we have long predicted, it is well and truly on the decline. 


FaceTube is on its way out, you see.  It's on its way to becoming, as the technology morticians charmingly call it, a "legacy."  And that's when we move in.

We're scavengers subsisting on the detritus of obsolete technology. We're the badger living in the abandoned termite mound. We're the people who sit in your theater seats while you've gone to the bathroom.

Yeah, we're all that and more.  We're on GeoFaces here.  Find us and tell us to get lost.

Suffering Fools go Overboard

July 14, 2014:  After nearly a year in a dormant state, Suffering Fools burst back into semi-consciousness with the dreamy new video for the song "Overboard."  It takes place mostly underwater, so be sure to watch with breathing gear.  From the album Sounds Important, as if you didn't care.


New video: Back in the Game Again!

July 21, 2013:  Suffering Fools premiere the second video from Sounds Important.  This time it's the popular track "Back in the Game Again."  The video is an appalling, or rather, appealing melange of early cinema and sports clips and consequently smells very like an athletic shoe wrapped in nitrocellulose.  Despite all that, it's got a good beat and you can dance to it.  Provided you can dance at all.  If not, you can probably think of other things to do to it. helps support starving musicians

We recently discovered Feedbands, a site that works with unsigned artists to get great unknown albums out to subscribers in colorful vinyl editions.  In solidarity with other unheralded musicians and in support of the art of vinyl records, we urge our fans to check out Feedbands

Review of Sounds Important

January 24, 2013:  Transylvania University's student newspaper The Rambler has published a very favorable review of Sounds Important.  The commentaries on individual tracks are reproduced below.  You can read the full text of the article here.


1.  Overboard – The subtle melody allows the listener to focus on the lyrics, which are clearly the focus of this track which all three Fools chime in on.  Who or what is the stowaway?  You’ll just have to listen to find out.

2.  Traded Down – Sounds like a mix of “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest and the Charlie Brown theme, until we hit the chorus.  Then it sounded fairly cacophonous (I’ll leave positive or negative judgment to you).  These lyrics are clever and may induce laughter.

3.  Days of Beer and Tulips – A wonderfully outré pairing, making for a cleverly kaleidoscopic and trippy song that particularly pleases and isn’t afraid to go the distance.

4.  Nonessentials – “And I don’t need you.”  Featuring guitar and raw lyrics while emotionally far from void.

5.  Summer Cold – Should have a new genre named after it:  Detective Rock.  Many layers juice up the lyrics that are honest about how it can really suck to have a cold when the weather’s balmy.

6.  Slime – A perfect backdrop for a stranger/loner walking down a deserted street to face his fate, whatever it may be.  Partly uplifting, partly melancholic, delicately balanced.

7.  Back Together – Speechless.  I’m … I don’t know what to say.  Between the random chainsaws and seeing his ex’s lips in the sink (what does this mean?!!) this is a very odd love ballad.

8.  Back In The Game Again – Starts tribal, goes pop, gets jazzy, ends tribal, but stays true to its rock-inspired roots the entire time.  High energy, just like the lyrics would indicate the hostage situation to be.  The song is aware of its versatility and makes the most of it.  I see why it was saved for last:  this number gets a ten out of ten.  Spot on, Fools.


Again, the full article can be found here. Our thanks to The Rambler for such a gracious review.


Video for Sixty Cycle Hum

November 11, 2012:  The video for "Sixty Cycle Hum" is here, from the new album Sounds Important!  What are you waiting for?  Go check it out! 

Did we mention Suffering Fools albums make lovely gifts?  Especially for that music collector who has everything.  He ain't got this.

Sounds Important is here!

November 11, 2012:  As you can tell from any page on this website, the new Suffering Fools album Sounds Important is now available in CD and download form.  The package design for the CD is quite cool, if we must say so ourselves.  And apparently we must.  Our first album, Speaking of Biscuits, is still available also.



First bits from Sounds Important

November 4, 2012:  Follow this link to a cartoon created by Suffering Fools that contains tantalizing snippets of some tracks from the new album Sounds Important, which will be released on November 11.  Share and enjoy!


Sounds Important to be released November 11!

October 28, 2012:  The new Suffering Fools album, Sounds Important, will be released on November 11, 2012.  Fourteen stellar tracks on the most fantastic, eargastic piece of plastic you could ask for!  Watch this space and our YouTube channel for further information.


Teasing the new album...

September 10, 2012:  For those who haven't seen it yet, here is the teaser video for Suffering Fools' second album, which will be released later this year.  Perceptive people might say the video is almost completely unrelated to the album and even less related to anything interesting.  We have never been that perceptive.


Suffering Fools complete recording for second album!

August 10, 2012:  The final recording work was completed today on Suffering Fools' forthcoming second album.  After some more mixing, we will begin the relatively expensive processes of mastering and package design.  Maybe a website revamp will be in the offing as well, provided we don't run out of money.  You can help by purchasing a copy of our earlier work, Speaking of Biscuits, if you're a kind-hearted soul.


Free Download!

Download "Crossing of Us (Live at the Green Room)".mp3

To download, just right-click the link and "Save Link As." 

Click Here>

Star Trek deleted dialogue

February 12, 2012:  In observance of Honest Abe's birthday, we reveal the truth about the long-suppressed dialogue from the original Star Trek pilot "The Cage."  Just a few words actually, but enough to make an additional reason the surviving black-and-white print of the complete pilot should be commercially released.

Update:  Slightly improved version posted April 4, 2012.  Link corrected.


Suffering Fools are back at it

December 27, 2011:  Suffering Fools regroup in their secure underground location to put in a couple of days' recording work on their second album.  It's coming together.  More updates next year.


Recent Star Trek projects

November 11, 2011: To commemorate the day of elevens, 11/11/11, Suffering Fools have addressed another important subject that comes in pairs... namely, pants.  Our Star-Trek-themed video "I want my pants!" is now on YouTube.  Also, check out our recent film restoration project with the original voice of the Talosian from the Star Trek pilot "The Cage."  These projects in no way imply ownership of the original material, which belongs to Paramount.  They are intended for entertainment and historical documentation, and also to help encourage Paramount to make the complete black-and-white reference print of "The Cage" available for study or commercial sale.


Suffering Fools procrastinate again

August 15, 2011:  It looks as if the release date for Suffering Fools' second album will be pushed back into 2012 due to the group's inability to get their act together (in a literal sense).  When the Fools are recording again, you will read about it here but will not be annoyed about it through antisocial media.  That's because we care.

Promo video for Speaking of Biscuits unveiled

July 16, 2011:  Who put this stupid veil on here, anyway?  There is a new promotional video for Speaking of Biscuits that explains some of the pressing questions the album may help answer.  The questions, by the way, were taken verbatim from a list generated automatically by the website based on the phrase "speaking of biscuits."

Nudderbudder video released

July 6, 2011:  Suffering Fools have released the video for "Nudderbudder" from Speaking of Biscuits.  Think of it as the worst ever lava lamp, without any chemical mental rearrangement.

Deafening silence greets second video from Speaking of Biscuits!

May 26, 2011:  The release of Suffering Fools' new video for "Lo and Behold" resulted in an immediate rash of no reactions.  Countless people from all walks of life either had nothing to say or were summoned away by apparent sudden emergencies.  However, Tobias Schlepperman, the personnel manager in Fool 1's building, was quoted as saying:  "Is this a serious call?  Suffering what?"  Join the ranks of the nonplussed now.  Go watch "Lo and Behold" and slowly shake your head.

Suffering Fools back at work on second album

December 22, 2010:  Work has resumed on Suffering Fools' second album in their secret underground studio.  Chances are looking good for a 2011 release date.  The album will be primarily songs composed since Speaking of Biscuits was recorded, though not entirely.  It should be an enjoyable and weirdish experience, covering a wide range of musical styles, or things that pretend to be musical styles.  Tell your ears to get ready.

Free download coming in early 2011, probably

October 21, 2010:  Suffering Fools are in the planning stages of making available a free download of a previously unreleased recording.  Check back later for updates on this arguably exciting development.

Update - January 13, 2011:  It's here!  See above.

Impressive British person says good things about Speaking of Biscuits

October 14, 2010:  Earlier this year an impressive British person, who has not authorized the use of his name, described Speaking of Biscuits as "constantly amazing, full of ideas, catchy and wild!"  He also described certain aspects of the track "Animal Farm" as "absolutely outstanding!"  This from an anonymous but impressive British person.

Suffering Fools unearth lost Scooby-Doo theme music

September 23, 2010:  Suffering Fools have located an audio recording of Hoyt Curtin's original theme song to The Scooby-Doo/Dynomutt Hour, last broadcast in this form in 1976.  This version of the song was not included on the DVD set issued by Warner Home Video.  Also, check out Suffering Fools' video commentary on the similarities between Scooby-Doo and Doctor Who under the leadership of Steven Moffat.

Suffering Fools debut video for First Monkey Laugh on new YouTube channel

September 3, 2010:  Suffering Fools have launched a YouTube channel and posted their first video, "First Monkey Laugh."  We are happy to have a presence on YouTube and hope this will help introduce us to some new fans.  This doesn't mean you should start looking for us on Twitbook or MyFace, though.  That stuff is so last year.

Speaking of Biscuits featured on Muzjiks blog

March 14, 2010:  Speaking of Biscuits has been spotlighted on the Muzjiks blog.  For some reason the reviewer refers to Suffering Fools as a "duo."  We are still arguing among ourselves about which Fool isn't really part of the group.  Please visit Muzjiks to see their comments.

Welcome to Suffering

January 12,2010: Keep up to date with the dubious thoughts and sporadic activities of Suffering Fools, contact Suffering Fools, and (most importantly) support Suffering Fools by buying their music, here at!


Suffering Fools release their first album, Speaking of Biscuits

December 21, 2009: After much procrastination, Suffering Fools have finally released their long-awaited CD Speaking of Biscuits, thus proving that creative, meaningful, and entertaining music can still be made on four-track analogue tape.  With good reason, Speaking of Biscuits has been described as "like the Sixties but with different drugs."  Tell all your friends on TwitFace to buy it!  NOW!