Pleasure and Pain

She can go 'cause I know she's been taking advantage of me

And my biggest regret is I don't know how good it could be

I'm alone, so what else is new

See the one thing I know how to do

Is to rummage around in the trunk of my brain

And bring out the old pleasure and pain


The first time I met her I saw something wrong in her eyes

And I soon figured out it was scared masquerading as wise

It's the way she stares at the floor

I can tell she won't stand any more

And she won't let me in and it's not that she's vain

She's afraid of the pleasure and pain


I was the one that began this ridiculous game

Asking her trust when she still hadn't told me her name

She assumed I had no self-respect

And assumptions don't come more correct


How could she see that the friendship I offered was real

When all she could see was the love she did not want to feel

She's young and sadly inclined

And she sees far too well to be blind

But she can't and she won't see that she's too insane

To dig up all that pleasure and pain


She looks at me and I know what is there can't be seen

And I look at her and I know she was caught in between

With a heart that would not bend

And a soul that could not be a friend


Now I see her and she gives that cynical laugh of the free

And she's friendly for show but the show is all over for me

I could go and give her a call

But what good would it do after all

'Cause I know that I'd still end up stuck in my room

Playing music and drinking alone